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“Steven Ditmyer is a wonderful teacher, really talented and very inspiring! Even though I had directed already several feature films, Steven’s workshops have helped me enormously. They have deepened and widened my understanding of the way actors work and given me many new ideas and tools that have been enormously useful on set.”

- Saara Cantell  (Award Winning Film Director, Helsinki Workshops 2014-2017)

"My experiences at Steven Ditmyer‘s Meisner Masterclass in Berlin were incredible. The class was frustrating, unsettling, fulfilling, and ultimately so freeing. 
Steven‘s way of teaching and communicating will forever change you, both professionally and personally. If you are an actor or director(!!!) or just want to learn more about yourself - GO and experience it next time he comes. I‘ll certainly be back for more.”

- Esther LÖwe (film Director and Writer. Berlin Workshops 2018) 


"Since I’ve been involved in the Meisner work with Steven Ditmyer, I feel like a more real version of myself. I trust myself more, I feel more present in moments, and I feel more human. Patiently waiting for the next workshop!”

- Sen Zhan (Berlin Workshops 2018)

“A couple of months ago I took a Meisner Class with Steven Ditmyer and it changed the way I think about acting and some things finally clicked for me in a way they hadn’t before. You learn to trust your impulses and listen. If you get a chance to take one of his classes. Jump at it. I’m so glad I did. It was worth every penny!”

- Kat Murphy (AADA Graduate and Company Member. NY Workshops 2018)


“I went to a 5-day Foundation workshop of Meisner Technique taught by Steven Ditmyer. It's so recharging, freeing, and inspiring! I can't recommend this workshop more to everyone who is bothered by too many noisy thoughts in your mind, or what Steven calls the "thinking disease". Impulsive, responsive, focused, and lively!”

- Jess Zhu (Host of Bitchup Podcast in China. Berlin Workshops)

“I am more than grateful to Steven for teaching me so precisely the work of Meisner. Not only does the quality of acting grow immediately, so does the fun! His passion and experience is a real gift for every actor.

- Jasmin Mairhofer (Vienna WorkshopS, 2016)


“5 days like 5've opened my eyes. Thank you coach!!”

- Stefano Mozzicato (Actor, Rome Workshop 2013)


 “It was a real pleasure to attend as a "professional observer" in this workshop, directed in a masterly fashion by Steven Ditmyer! The method "Meisner": a discovery, a questioning, a fascinating approach of the work of the actor! 
- Juliette Moltes (Director, Atelier Juliette Moltes, Paris)


“End of a very nice week with Steven Ditmyer and the discovery of the Meisner method... What interesting work and what a Professor! I recommend it to any actor eager to hone his game!”

-  Antoine Terrones (Actor, Paris WorkshopS)




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