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“Steven Ditmyer is a wonderful teacher, really talented and very inspiring! Even though I had directed already several feature films, Steven’s workshops have helped me enormously. They have deepened and widened my understanding of the way actors work and given me many new ideas and tools that have been enormously useful on set.”

- Saara Cantell  (Award Winning Film Director, Helsinki Workshops 2014-2016)


"Working with Steven was eye opening for me. I had done a few classes involving the Meisner technique already with other coaches. But Steven's way of explaining it with such passion and simple words suddenly made everything incredibly clear for me. I finally understood what it was all about. Steven truly cares for his students and won't stop untill they get it, if they show that they want to. It was a memorable experience." 

- Rafaëlle Cohen  (Actress, Singer & Dancer, "Le Bal des Vampires directed by Roman Polanski and the new Disney film "Beauty and the Beast", paris Workshops)


"Working with Steven came at the right time for me. I have been blessed with the ability to be emotionally available, but until Steven came along I felt like I wasn't able to use it effectively. Steven showed me how much power there is in action and really "Doing". Ever since his class last June I've booked two theatre gigs, most recently at The Park Theatre, and I'm getting amazing feedback by casting directors! Do the class, go with an open mind and an open heart. Then get ready to slay!"

- Sanee Raval (Actor: “The American Wife”, Park Theatre. London Workshops, June 2016)


"Steven Ditmyer not only teaches the powerful Meisner approach to acting but he does it terrifically: with deep insight in the technique, an amazing intuition for the individual needs of his students, and with the passion of a young man, and the patience of an old one."

- Alexander E. Fennon (Actor: "Woman In Gold", Vienna WorkshopS, 2015-2016)


“I am more than grateful to Steven for teaching me so precisely the work of Meisner. Not only does the quality of acting grow immediately, so does the fun! His passion and experience is a real gift for every actor.

- Jasmin Mairhofer (Vienna WorkshopS, 2016)


“5 days like 5've opened my eyes. Thank you coach!!”

- Stefano Mozzicato (Actor, Rome Workshop 2013)


 “It was a real pleasure to attend as a "professional observer" in this workshop, directed in a masterly fashion by Steven Ditmyer! The method "Meisner": a discovery, a questioning, a fascinating approach of the work of the actor!                                                                                          

- Juliette Moltes (Director, Atelier Juliette Moltes, Paris)


“End of a very nice week with Steven Ditmyer and the discovery of the Meisner method... What interesting work and what a Professor! I recommend it to any actor eager to hone his game!”

-  Antoine Terrones (Actor, Paris WorkshopS)


“It was a turning point experience for me and it gave me more insights than five years of psychology school. Steven is an awesome teacher, hands-on, considerate and very sharp with his excellent feedback. Trust me, take this workshop, it’s more than just ‘improving your acting’, it’s also (and especially) for your personal development.”

- ALESSANDRA GALLI (Actor/Psychologist, Amsterdam WorkshopS) 



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