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TV Episode on Steven teaching in Vilnius, Lithuania. Watch from 5:54 -10:07

Podcast with
J.S. Zhu

August 21, 2018
”I went to a 5-day Foundation workshop of Meisner Technique taught by Steven Ditmyer. It's so recharging, freeing, and inspiring! I can't recommend this workshop more to everyone who is bothered by too many noisy thoughts in your mind, or what Steven calls the "brain fart" or the "thinking disease".

Impulsive, responsive, focused, and lively.

Here's an interview with Steven, who tells us why Meisner Technique is a healthier way of acting, and what a lay person can learn to live more truthfully.”

J.S. Zhu

November 24, 2018
Article by Sen Zhan (Berlin) “Meisner and the Meeting of the Self”

Meisner and the Meeting of the Self by Sen Zhan.html

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